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Project name:Measurement of cosmogenic activation of ultra-pure xenon
Title:Cosmogenic Activation of ultra-pure Xenon
Name of research institute or organization:  Institute of Physics, University of Zurich
Project leader:Dr. Marc Schumann
Project team:Prof. Dr. Laura Baudis, Dr. Alfredo Ferella, Dr. Alexander Kish, Francesco Piastra

Activity report:   Cosmogenic Activation of ultra-pure Xenon
Key words:   cosmogenic activation, low background physics
  • The XENON Dark Matter Project

Address:Physik Institut
 Universität Zürich
 Winterthurerstrasse 190
 8057 Zürich
Contact person:   Marc Schumann
Tel.:+41 44 635 6692
Fax.:+41 44 635 5704


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