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Research project:  
Project name:Global Atmosphere Watch Radiation Measurements
Title:Global Atmosphere Watch Radiation Measurements
Name of research institute or organization:  Federal Office of Meteorology and Climatology MeteoSwiss, Payerne
Project leader:Dr. Laurent Vuilleumier
Project team:Gilles Durieux, Bertrand Equey

Activity report:   Global Atmosphere Watch Radiation Measurements
Key words:   infrared, integrated water vapor (IWV), precision filterradiometer (PFR), pyranometer, pyrheliometer, solar irradiance, spectral irradiance, total aerosol optical depth (AOD), ultraviolet, UV biometer, visible
Internet databases:  
  • Radiation data submitted to the World Radiation Data Centre (WRDC, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation) within the framework of the Global Atmosphere Watch
  • Study of solar photometry (aerosol optical depth) and longwave infrared radiative forcing in collaboration with the Physikalisch Meteorologisches Observatorium Davo (PMOD) World Radiation Center (WRC)

Address:Federal Office of Meteorology and climatology MeteoSwiss
 Atmospheric Data Department
 ch. de l'Aérologie
 CH-1530 Payerne
Contact person:   Laurent Vuilleumier
Tel.:+41 26 662 6306
Fax.:+41 26 662 6212


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